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Here stands the liars. I’m ingrained in you. I’ll never leave you be. The serpentine; our becoming. I’m not so sure that we will ever be the same. The people we were when we were young, hate who we’ve become. I will aspire to watch you wither away. Dissolving all that we could be. Given up on comradery. To make sure you fucking see my holier point of view, that is becoming me. God forbid, that I would be you. Beyond repair, draining my life force. Let go of me, weakest being.


I will beat you at your own game. Let’s see you fucking disagree. Playing your weakness off to find the scars your hiding, know the pain I’m living. I’ll settle in apathy once you’ve left my life and you disagree. Pick yourself up this time, and prove your listening. I’ve given up, you’re a leech, let’s see you fucking disagree. Disagree with me, then we can lie the same. We can be our own saviours. Disassemble my rage. Watch me bring you down.


I’m giving up on the idea of leaving here with a sense of self-worth. I’m having the time of my life, now it’s over, and it’s over. The evil isn’t elsewhere, the evil is inside of you. The evil isn’t elsewhere, the evil is inside of me.

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